February 28, 2006


Booker T. Washington Era Report

Selected Black Inventors

By Dr. Frank J. Collazo




Abrams, W. B.

Hame attachment

Adams, James S.

Propelling means for airplanes

Albert, A. P.

Cotton picking machine

Alexander, Winser Edward

Thermal photograph detail enhancer

Allen, C. W.

Self-leveling table

Allen, J. B.

Clothesline support

Allen, John Henry, Jr.

Doppler operations test set

Ammons, Virgie M.

Fireplace damper actuating tool

Anderson, Jo

Assisted Cyrus McCormick with reaper

Atkins, Cyril Fitzgerald

Paper process for corrugated shipping containers

Bailes, William

Ladder scaffold-support

Bailey, L. C.

Pullman upper-berth folding bed


Truss and bandage

Bailliff, C. O.

Shampoo headrest

Baker, David

Sanitary cuspidor


Elevator scales


Railway bridge signal

Ballow, W. J.

Hat rack and table

Baltimore, Jeremiah Daniel


Bankhead, Charles A.

Assembled composition printing

Banneker, Benjamin

Wooden striking clock

Barnes, William Harry

Pituitary gland instrument

Bauer, James A.

Coin changer

Bayless, Robert G.

Encapsulation process and its product

Beard, Andrew Jackson

Railroad car coupler


Rotary engine

Becket, G. E.

Letter box

Beckley, Charles R.

Folding chair

Bell, L.

Locomotive smokestack

Benjamin, Alfred

Stainless steel scouring pads

Benjamin, L. W.

Broom moistener

Benjamin, Miriam E.

Gong system for summoning attendants

Benton, J. W.


Binga, M. W.

Street sprinkler

Bishop, Alfred A.

Nuclear core flow distributor

Blackburn, A. B.

Railroad signal


Spring seat for chairs

Blair, Henry

Corn and cotton planting machines

Blair, Joseph N.

Speedboat torpedo for long-range bombing

Blue, L.

Corn shelling device

Booker, L. F.

Rubber scraping knife

Booker, Peachy

Flying landing platform

Boone, Sarah

Ironing board

Bowman, Henry A.

Flag-making method

Boyd, Henry


Boykin, Otis

Artificial heart stimulator (pacemaker)


Guided missile device

Bradberry, Henrietta

Clothes rack


Torpedo discharge device

Briscoe, James R.

Building blocks

Brooks, C. B.

Street sweeper

Brooks, Phil

Disposable syringe

Brown, Henry T.

Reactivating hydro-foaming catalysts

Brown, Marie V. B.

Home security system

Brown, Paul L.

Spinnable stringless top

Bundy, Robert F.

Signal generator

Butteese, Sherman

Adjustable sides for trucks

Campbell, David Newton Emanuel

Dispenser to prevent tuberculosis

Campbell, Peter

Screw press

Campbell, Robert Lee

Valve for steam engines

Campbell, W. S.

Self-resetting animal trap

Carruthers, George R.

Lunar surface ultraviolet camera

Carver, George Washington




Christian, John B.

Grease composition for vacuum apparatus

Christmas, Charles

Cotton press

Coles, Leander M.

Mortician's table

Cosby, Thomas L.

Rotary machine


Closed-cycle energy conversion systems

Cotton, Donald J.

Vertical liquid electrode

Cowans, Beatrice L.

Embroidered fruit bowl wall hanging and kit

Cox, Elbert L.

Presettable bistable circuits

Crosthwait, David N., Jr.

Window thermostat

Dammond, William H.

Safety system for operating railroads

Davidson, Shelby J.

Mechanical tabulator

Davis, Stephen Smith

Supersonic and hypersonic wind tunnel nozzles

Delany, Martin R.

Railroad locomotive device

Dent, Benjamin A.

Procedure entry for a data processor

Dickenson, J. H.

Player piano appliances

Dorman, Linnaeus Cuthbert

Chemical patents

Douglas, William

Self-binding harvesting machinery

Doyle, James

Automatic serving system

Dugger, Cortland O.

Method for growing oxide

Eglin, Ellen F.

Clothes wringer

Elder, Clarence L.

Sweepstakes programmer


Noncapsizable container


Bi-directional monitoring and control systems

Elkins, T.

Refrigerating apparatus

Emile, Phillip E.

Transistorized gating circuit


Transistorized multivibrator circuit

Ferrell, Frank J.

Valves for steam engine

Fisher, D. A.

Furniture caster

Forbes, Dennis A.

Chemistry card game

Forten, James, Sr.

Sail handling device

Frye, Irvin S.

Adjustable shackle

Garner, Albert Y.

Phosphonyl polymers


Flame retardant

Gill, Vincent A.

Quick disconnect valved coupling

Gillard, Joseph

Car park

Goode, Sarah E.

Folding cabinet bed

Gourdine, Meredith C.

Fog dispenser


Electrogas-dynamic method and apparatus for detecting the properties of particulate matter entrained in gas

Grant, George F.

Golf tee

Griffin, Bessie V.

Portable receptacle support

Gurley, Clyde E.

Automatic telephone alarm apparatus


Programmable external dial operating device

Hall, Lloyd A.

Antioxidant composition

Harper, David

Mobile utility rack



Harper, Solomon

Thermostatic-controlled hair curlers

Hillery, John Richard

Tarsal arch support

Hilyer, Andrew F.

Hot air register attachments

Holmes, Lydia M.

Knockdown wheeled toy

Hopkins, Harry C.

Power controller

Howard, Darnley E.

Optical apparatus

Hubbard, Philip Gamelich

Anemometer to measure fluid turbulence

Hull, Wilson E.

Sublimation timing switch


Mass-release mechanism for satellites

Hunter, J. H.

Portable weighing scales

Huntley, James B.

Emergency fire escape mechanism

Jackson, Augustus

Ice cream

Jackson, Benjamin F.

Hydrocarbon burner system

Jackson, Henry

Method for auto catalytically depositing copper

Jefferson, Donald E.

Triggered exploding wire device

Jennings, Thomas L.

Dry cleaning process

Johnson, Frederick M.

Self-feeding rifle

Johnson, John A.


Johnson, W.


Johnson, William H.

Device for overcoming dead center for compound engine

Jones, Frederick McKinley

Portable X-ray machine


Refrigerated trucks for long-distance travel


Ticket-dispensing machine for movie theaters


Air-conditioning method

Jones, Howard S., Jr.

Antenna testing shield


Waveguide components


Magneto-mechanical waveguide line stretcher


Conformal edge-slot radiators

Jordan, John H., Jr.



Cocktail table


Combined clock and wall plaque

Joyner, Marjorie Stewart

Permanent waving machine

Julian, Hubert

Airplane safety appliance

Julian, Percy Lavon

Preparation of cortisone


Recovery of sterols

Kelly, Kenneth C.

Linearly polarized monopulse lobing antenna

Kelly, Lawrence R., Jr.

Programmable external dial

Kenner, Beatrice

Sanitary belt

Latimer, Lewis H.

Lamp fixture


Method for producing electric light filaments


Water closet for railroad cars

Lee, H.

Animal trap

Lee, Joseph

Dough kneading machine


Bread crumbing machine

Lee, Lester A.

Carbon dioxide laser fuels

Lee, Maurice W., Sr.

Aromatic pressure cooker and smoker

Leonard, Herbert, Jr.

Production of hydroxylamine hydrochloride

Lewis, James E.

Antenna feed for tracking radar

Logan, Emanuel L., Jr.

Door bar latch

Logan, Joseph G., Jr.

Small, low-fuel jet engine for missiles and helicopters

Lovell, Henry R.


Lowden, Fred J.

Key fastener

MacDonald, Hugh D.

Rocket catapult

Marshall, W.

Grain binder

Martin, W. A.


Mathis, Nathaniel

Barber's apron

Matzeliger, Jan

Shoe lasting machine

McCoy, Elijah

Lawn sprinkler


Railroad engine lubricator

McCree, D.

Portable fire escape

Millington, James E.

Electrical insulating paper

Morgan, Garrett A.

Three-way traffic signal


Gas mask


Hair straightener

Muckelroy, William L.

Leadless micro miniature inductance element


Ceramic inductor

Murray, George W.

Agricultural implements


Cotton chopper

Nauflette, George W.

Process for the synthesis of 2-fluoro-2, 2-dinitroethanol

Newman, Lyda D.


Nokes, Clarence

Venetian blind restringer


Lawn mower

Parker, Alice H.

Heating furnace

Parker, John P.

Tobacco press screw

Parsons, James A.

Austenitic alloy steels

Peake, George

Handmill for grain

Pelham, Robert A., Jr.

Pasting machine


Tabulating machine for census of manufacturing

Peterson, Charles A., Jr.

Power-generating apparatus

Pickering, J. F.

Dirigible with electric motor

Prather, Alfred G. B.

Human-powered glider aircraft

Purvis, William B.

Hand stamp


Paper-bag making machine

Reynolds, Humpfrey H.

Window ventilator for railroad cars


Bridge safety gate

Rhodes, J. B.

Water closet for homes

Richardson, A. C.

Casket lowering device

Richardson, W. H.

Baby carriage

Richey, Charles U.

Device servicing unauthorized use of telephone

Rickman, A. L.

Shoe covers for rain

Rillieux, Norbert

Sugar-refining pan

Robinson, Elbert R.

Electric railway trolley with overhead wires


Grooved railway wheels

Russell, Edwin R.

Removal of cesium from aqueous solution by ion exchange


Eleven atomic energy processes


Radioactive tracer

Russell, Joseph L.

Preparation of tungsten hexafluoride

Russell, L. A.

Guard attachments for children's and invalid's beds

Ruth, William Chester

Baler feeder


Bomb sight


Cinder spreader

Samms, Adolphus

Rocket engine pump feed system

Sampson, G. T.

Clothes dryer

Sampson, Henry Thomas


Sanderson, Dewey S. C.

Urinalysis machine

Sanderson, Ralph W.

Hydraulic shock absorber

Scott, Howard L.

Waterproofing method for hair

Scott, J. C.

Shadow box

Scottron, S. R.

Curtain rod

Shaw, Earl

Spin-flip turntable laser

Shorter, D. W.

Livestock feed rack

Sluby, Thomas B.

Milk bottle stopper

Smart, Brinay

Reverse valve gears

Smith, Jonathan S., II

Transparent zirconia composition and process

Smith, Mildred Austin

Family relationship card game

Smith, P. D.

Potato digger

Smith, Samuel C.

Hardness tester

Spikes, Richard B.

Automatic car wash


Automobile directional signal


Gear shift

Stafford, Osborne C.

Microwave phase shift device

Standard, J.

Oil stove


Compressed-air refrigerator

Stephens, George B. D.

Cigarette holder and ashtray

Stevens, George D.

Paper company machine

Stokes, Rufus

Exhaust purifier

Tate, Charles W.

Flexible and transparent lubricant housing for universal joint

Taylor, Asa J.

Machine for assembling and disassembling fluid joint

Taylor, Moddie

Preparation of anhydrous alkaline earth halides


Preparation of anhydrous lithium salts

Temple, Lewis

Toggle harpoon for whaling

Thomas, Hyram S.

Potato chips

Thompson, Joseph A., Jr.

Foot warmer


Moist/dry lavatory and toilet tissue

Thompson, Oliver L.

Vehicle parking attachment

Turner, Allen H.

Electrostatic paint system

Turner, Madeline M.

Fruit press

Vaughn, Norval Cobb

Bulletproof shield

Vincent, Ubert Conrad

Varicocele procedure in surgery

Walker, Sarah Breedlove McWilliams

Conditioner for straightening hair


Metal heated comb

Weaver, Rufus J.

Stair climbing wheelchair

Weir, Charles E.

High-pressure optical cell

Weston, Anthony

Threshing machine improvements

Williams, O. S.

Airborne radar beacon

Williams, Paul E.


Woods, Granville T.

Steam boiler furnace


Synchronous multiflex railway telegraph


Electric railway

Woodard, Dudley G.

Preparation of water-soluble acrylic copolymers

Woods, Granville T. and Lyates

Railway brakes

Wormley, James

Lifesaving apparatus

Wright, Louis Tompkins

Intradermal smallpox vaccination